Refinancing and Restructuring

The complexity of financial transactions in the credit and investment area is constantly increasing, partly due to the increased need for hedging in interest and currency management, partly driven by the interest rate development, but also due to the regulatory influences on the real economy and banks.


Heinrich & Mortinger supports clients with independent and comprehensive advice on all structured, medium to long-term and illiquid financial transactions, as well as the valuation, restructuring and sale of portfolios of complex or illiquid transactions. Customers benefit from the highly specialized know-how of our employees and a large number of comparable transactions in which Heinrich & Mortinger has already acted as a consultant.


For any questions please contact Christian Mortinger

Infrastructure, Real Estate and Asset Finance

Finance structures and the requirements for infrastructure and transportation projects, as well as classic real estate projects, are steadily becoming more complex.


Heinrich & Mortinger has an excellent network of contacts with many international financial institutions, debt and equity investors, insurance companies, lessors as well as equipment manufacturers.


We support clients in the public and the private sectors with independent and comprehensive advice through
– creating customized financing structures

– conducting competitive bidding processes for equity, hybrid and debt capital

– assessing of relevant transaction risks

– creating and monitoring of financial models and shadow-pricing

– coordinating all parties and counsels through financial close


For any questions please contact Dieter Kanduth

Financing of Battery Storage Projects

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are the fastest growing segment of the renewable energy sector. Since 2019 Heinrich & Mortinger has a dedicated team advising developers and asset owners with the financing of grid-scale BESS, especially in Germany.  Over the past few years, Heinrich & Mortinger has been able to establish a comprehensive list of equity and debt providers who are able and willing to long-term finance stand-alone BESS.


Heinrich & Mortinger offers advice for the entire financing process, from the planning stage through the funding of the transaction. We support developers in the search for equity and debt capital as well as owners in arranging long-term debt financings.


For any questions please contact Paul Kimbacher

ESG and Sustainable Finance

Sustainability or “ESG” is increasingly becoming an important criterion for financing transactions, also. The requirements are specified by the evolving regulatory framework. The financial sector will be required to take ESG into account when making lending and investment decisions. Companies that integrate ESG into their financing strategies improve their attractiveness, can potentially achieve advantages in terms of conditions and significantly broaden their financing base.


Heinrich & Mortinger, together with our cooperation partner mhl-consult, support clients in various aspects of ESG, help to prepare for the rapidly approaching requirements and assist to improve future financing conditions.


For any questions please contact Matthias Meier